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New Layout and Things!

If this is not your first visit, you'll notice how BOMB this place looks! If this is your first visit, doesn't this place look BOMB? I was on the SJ forums and posted a template request, and the wonderful eishiya took the time to make this for me!

Ah, I am just so excited to have it up! It's such a huge improvement on what it was before.

Some other things will be changing, too! They're not really changes, per se, but additions! I'm going to add a "page 0" between the cover of chapter 1 and the first page, to kind of introduce the setting better without being narrative. I feel like I didn't really get that across, but I've got a pretty decent idea to rectify that!

Secondly, the About page! I'm working on it! A synopsis, brief character information (will include stuff that has already been revealed, and probably some pointless information that will never make it in, lol), extra snippets about the world and other things I've written for it, and whatever else I can think of!


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